Why BWH Hotels?


1. Full independence in Hotel Management - the brand neither regulates nor interferes with the hotel management process. The owner can either manage the hotel himself (if he has the necessary experience, needless to say) or can instead choose to involve a third party in the management process, particularly a company which has experience of hotel management. The brand’s main requirement is that the hotel be fully compatible with their particular line of networking standards. Their involvement in the management of the hotel is limited to improving the quality of the services it offers according to relevant standards, sharing its experience of the international market, and to assisting with the training of the hotel’s employees. 


2. Lower fees - much more favorable service payments compared to other brands.


3. Continuous support - help and advice from the brand—a large, experienced partner with an interest in the hotel’s overall success—constantly streamlines and improves management processes, looking for potential visitors, identifying new trends on a global scale, and helping to increase sales.


4. Short-term contracts - five-year agreements, while the terms of other chains is 10-15 years.